FUTABA FASST 6 Channel 2.4GHz Mode 2 Radio

FUTABA FASST 6 Channel 2.4GHz Mode 2 Radio

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6EX 2.4GHz FASST™ Radio System Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology It’s here...and it’s everything modelers want in a full-range 2.4GHz system!
Futaba has been using Spread Spectrum technology for nearly 15 years in industrial R/C applications, so they have the dedicated engineering staff with 2.4GHz expertise.
Unlike other manufacturers who started offering 2.4GHz for hobby R/C models using off-the-shelf IC chips, Futaba invested in extra research and development - resulting in a system that uses a custom IC chip that’s ideally suited for the unique demands of R/C modeling. When you discover all the advantages of Futaba’s 2.4GHz FASST system, you’ll see that it was worth the wait!

The 2.4GHz FASST system: offering the highest levels of performance, convenience and “peace of mind” for airplane AND heli flyers!

Convenient, Worry-Free Operation.
Now you can enjoy the convenience of 2.4GHz operation with the quality and reliability of Futaba! No more worry about someone accidentally turning on another system on your frequency. You can fly anywhere - flying field, neighborhood park, schoolyard - without concern for conflict with another nearby radio system. And at the flying field there’s no more waiting for your frequency clip to become available… just turn it on and fly!

Compact, “all-in-one” R606FS receiver.
The small, but powerful one-piece R606FS can easily control giant-scale models, but is small enough (just 7 grams without case!) for park flyers. The competition’s full-range system includes a bigger, two-piece receiver. A smaller receiver must be purchased separately for park flyers

Higher sensitivity
Which enables you to stay in complete control of your model, even at greater distances. It also offers greater signal selectivity, which prevents unwanted interference.

Continuous Channel Shifting
Unlike other 2.4GHz systems that stay on one or two frequencies (leaving the potential for interference), the 2.4GHz FASST shifts every two milliseconds, so signal conflicts and interruptions are virtually impossible.

Pre-Vision™ Packet Screening Technology
Scans the incoming data to look ahead for potential problems and apply sophisticated error correction techniques. The result is a system that gives the user a solid, impenetrable link with his model.

Dual Antenna Diversity (DAD)
Which means the system seamlessly selects the best reception between two receiver antennas, so there’s no loss of signal, regardless of the plane’s attitude.

The Easy Link™ system
The 6EX transmitter has a unique ID code that, after linking with the R606FS receiver, assures this receiver will only follow commands from this transmitter. Set it and forget it! Just push the recessed button on the receiver and it will never forget the unique transmitter ID code, which locks this receiver to the transmitter. And with over 134 million possible codes, there’s no chance for a conflict.

A “no-hassle” Fail Safe system
The 6EX 2.4GHz’s Fail Safe is programmed right through the transmitter, just like on conventional systems. Other radios require a complicated six-step process to set up their Fail Safe, along with a separate binding plug that can easily be misplaced.

Custom 2.4GHz IC chips
Futaba’s own custom IC chips are backed by 15 years of 2.4GHz experience in industrial R/C uses, and are “purpose built” for R/C systems. Some manufacturers rely on off-the-shelf IC chips, without the custom application development that only Futaba’s vast experience can provide.

Flexible servo options!
The 6EX 2.4GHz is available without servos...giving you the ability to configure the system with whatever servos and receiver battery you want, whether for a park flyer, sport model or giant scale.

The 6EX: computer programming functions and features that are state-of-the-art!

Standard Programming Functions
  • Model Select - six model memory.
  • Model Type - select airplane or heli
  • programming in one transmitter.
  • Servo Reversing - on all six channels.
  • Dual Rate/Exponential - for ailerons, elevator and rudder.
  • End Point Adjustment - fine-tunes servo throws on all six channels.
  • Digital Trim - stores trim settings for each model for aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle.
  • Fail Safe - a safety throttle setting in case of loss of transmitter signal.
  • Battery Fail Safe - moves the throttle to a preset position when the airborne pack reaches 3.8V.
  • Stick Mode - choose from Mode 1 through 4.
  • Range Checking - Power Down reduces transmitter output power for up to one minute, allowing range checking from 50 paces away.
  • Changeable Throttle Stick - select ratchet for airplanes or smooth for helis.
  • Adjustable Stick Length - choose the length that suits your flying style.

    Airplane-Specific Programming Functions
  • Wing Mixing - for flaperon, flap trim, V-tail and elevon.
  • Trainer System - with the transmitter as either the master or student system. Compatible with other Futaba systems.
  • Throttle Cut - pre-programmed for safely shutting off the engine.
  • Programmable Mixing (1 & 2) - two different mixes allow any two channels to be combined.

    Helicopter-Specific Programming Functions
  • 5-Point Normal and Idle Up Throttle/Pitch Curves
  • Throttle Hold - for autorotation.
  • Revo (Revolution Mixing) - mixes rudder and pitch together.
  • Gyro Mixing - two gyro gain settings can be programmed and selected during flight.
  • Swash to Throttle Mixing - corrects slowing of the engine’s speed caused by the swashplate.
  • Swashplate Types - choose from 1S (independent aileron, pitch and elevator servos linked to the swashplate), 3S (120° CCPM), or 3E (90° CCPM).
  • Swash AFR - Adjustable Function Rate, for use with 3S or 3E swash types

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